World Cup Goodness

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 13, 2010


So, I am one of the rare Americans who actually like soccer, it would appear. Which means that I was positively delighted to see the United States hold England to a draw in each team’s first World Cup match.

Obviously, a lot of people are going to key in on the soft goal England’s goalie, Robert Green, gave up. But the United States earned respect for not collapsing after an early England goal by Steven Gerrard, and soft goal or not, the U.S. did an excellent job by being competitive throughout the match, making England’s Wayne Rooney all but irrelevant throughout the game, and nearly scoring a second goal that would have won the game for the United States.

The Americans have much to improve on, obviously; they ought to make sure that they do not give up early goals, for starters. But any team that overlooks the United States from here on out does so at its peril. Meanwhile, in England, they have to be suffering. I have family members who I know are shocked and anguished that England failed to beat the United States outright. Wouldn’t it be funny if the U.S. advances out of Group C thanks to its superb performance against the English squad, while England ends up faltering because it failed to get an easy early win against the U.S.?

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