World Cup: Agony And Ecstasy

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 19, 2010


Agony: Having your national team fall behind 2-0 to Slovenia in the first half of a World Cup game.

Ecstasy: Rallying to tie.

Agony: Being robbed of a win. One certainly ought to hope that Koman Coulibaly is not allowed to referee another game. If the United States fails to advance, Coulibaly’s blown call may well be a reason why–though to be fair, the United States does have the ability to determine its destiny. And that’s because . . .

Ecstasy: England utterly blew it against Algeria, thus preventing it from pulling away from the United States in the standings. Note to Wayne Rooney: If your team keeps playing the way that it has been playing, you ought not to be surprised in the slightest when your fans boo you.

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