These Are Not Serious People

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 17, 2010


I suppose that one can defend the recently passed health care reform legislation by arguing that there was a need and a demand for it, by stating that it was as effective a compromise as could be garnered under current political circumstances, by claiming that standing alone, it is a good bill, or even by saying that it is a good foundation for the enactment of an even better bill in the future. All of these arguments would be interesting to entertain. I don’t happen to believe them, but at the very least, I would be prepared to give the people making these arguments a fair amount of respect; the claims are mainstream, and even if one does not accept them, the arguments made to support the claims are reasonable ones that are part of the mainstream of American political discourse.

But then, why bother making the respectable argument, when one can just . . . well . . . read this.

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