". . . Often There's No Freedom After The Speech"

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 21, 2010


One year after the uprisings began in Iran, a group of Iranians reflect on life in their country. It makes for depressing reading, to be sure, but it is important to read these and other testimonials to the harshness of life in Iran. Forgetting what the regime has done to the country is almost as criminal, in its own way, as the regime’s actual deeds.

Speaking of what the regime has done to the country, imagine how many can identify with the sentiments expressed in this beautiful and heartbreaking piece.

Relatedly, Reuel Marc Gerecht has some good ideas on how to better the odds for pro-democracy forces in Iran. Unfortunately, most of those ideas involve engagement on the part of the Obama Administration on behalf of the pro-democracy movement, so don’t hold your breath waiting for Gerecht’s program to be implemented.

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