by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 24, 2010


All hail Team USA for its stirring victory over Algeria yesterday, allowing the Americans to advance to the knockout stages of the World Cup. Yes, the score was only 1-0, but that obscures the degree to which the US dominated the game, and put pressure on the Algerian goalie. The score should have been 2-0, of course, but an early goal was called back on a bad offsides call; not only do the Americans have to overcome their opponents, they have to overcome the officials in just about every game.

Since Germany beat Ghana yesterday to win its group, and since the United States has won its group by a goal differential over England–which also won yesterday–the United States will face Ghana, while England will face Germany in the next stage. Ghana is going to be a difficult opponent, but one can see the United States winning, and its path to the semifinals may not be as implausible as many thought it would be at the beginning of the tournament. All the more reason to keep cheering for Team USA, and to take a little time from work to follow the heroics of Landon Donovan, and his cohorts.

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