A Modest Proposal For The Washington Post

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 25, 2010


Perhaps in selecting a blogger to cover conservatives, it would be smart to find one that did not have such open contempt for the conservative establishment. After all, conservatives are not likely to open up to a person like that, are they?

  • http://newledger.com Ben Domenech

    The point all along was to have a non-conservative covering conservatives for the benefit of a liberal audience. I had always considered Weigel a libertine/libertarian, but after learning he was a Nader elector, then a Kerry voter, then a Paul voter, then an Obama voter, well, that's a different picture.

    I'm sure there are many journalists who share Weigel's opinions, but most of them hold their tongues, at least on email (because these days, email is forever), for the sake of retaining their sources on the right. How Weigel's apology goes over will probably determine whether he has any real sources on the right after this, or if he just ends up dealing with campaign hacks, water-carriers, and consultants looking to place a story bashing a candidate or personality. He'll probably remain a regular stop for lefties interested in stories which vindicate all the stories they think about the right.

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