Gulf Coast Oil Spill Follies

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 18, 2010


Ted Turner believes that the BP oil spill was caused by the hand of God. I trust that those still inclined to take Turner seriously will now see that he is a thoroughly Pat Robertsonesque figure, not worth listening to.

Speaking of people who don’t get it, Harry Reid tells us that the oil spill was caused by BP’s “greed.” (It’s always “greed” with these people, isn’t it?) Unfortunately, Reid appears to make no mention of the fact that the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service is not exactly cooperating in the effort to investigate the oil spill. It ought to go without saying, of course, that if this refusal occurred during the administration of a Republican President, Reid would have gone on the attack relentlessly, and remorselessly. But with a Democratic President in office, Reid has decided to give the Administration of the day a pass.

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