Another Reason For Glenn Greenwald To Be Upset

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 12, 2010


Remind me again why liberals should prefer Elena Kagan to Diane Wood:

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan urged President Bill Clinton to take centrist stances in several battles over issues like abortion and family leave when other administration officials or allies were pressing for a more aggressively liberal approach, according to documents at the Clinton Presidential Library.

The memos reviewed by POLITICO suggest that, during her time as a White House deputy domestic policy adviser, Kagan fit comfortably within a cadre of Clinton aides known for centrist impulses. And Clinton often appears to have sided with Kagan’s approach.

However, the documents could underscore concerns among some liberal activists that Kagan was an advocate of the policy triangulation of the Clinton White House and thus might not be a reliably liberal vote on the court.

A 1998 memo shows that Kagan was among advisers encouraging Clinton to deny Medicare funding for abortions in cases where a woman’s health was at risk – in part to avoid a messy battle with Republicans.

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