Add To The List Of People Who Don't Like Hugo Chavez

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 9, 2010


Venezuelan business leaders are speaking out against the Chavez regime:

Business leaders accused President Hugo Chavez on Sunday of attempting to strangle businesses that rely on imports by making them pay more for foreign-made products.

They said Chavez is irresponsibly allowing the black-market rate for U.S. dollars to spiral upward, which increases costs for close to half of the country’s importers.

“The government doesn’t consider it a priority,” said Alfonzo Rivas, a businessman and president of the non-governmental group Cedice, which promotes individual and economic freedoms.

Expect the police state to speak back with a vengeance, and imprison business critics of Chavez’s economic program. It would be in keeping with the regime’s response to just about any dissent from the government line in Venezuela.

  • Raul Antonio


  • Raul Antonio


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