The Best Governor In The Country?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 19, 2010


I would have to say that because of his longevity and his good works, that title ought to go to Indiana’s Mitch Daniels. But New Jersey’s Chris Christie is staking his claim to the title, thanks to his fiscal policies, and thanks to his willingness to take on the teachers’ unions in an effort to ensure that the state of New Jersey gets more bang for its educational buck.

All of this is costing Christie points in the polls. If New Jersey does not see the benefits soon enough, it might cost him the next election. But apparently, the governor is betting on the citizens of his state to recognize soon enough that the actions he is taking are necessary to right the state’s fiscal ship. And even if they don’t, he has decided that defeat in the next gubernatorial election is less important than doing the right thing while in public office.

That’s the definition of leadership, by the way. Too bad we don’t have more politicians who subscribe to that definition.

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