So, I Have A Question

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 21, 2010


Are all of the people who beat up on my friend and colleague, Ben Domenech, also going to beat up on the Huffington Post? Because–and let there be no mistake about this–the Huffington Post used the nauseating rhetoric of William Gheen as a vehicle to raise questions (anew, one might add; Lindsey Graham is a favorite target of a lot of the people HuffPo caters to) about Graham’s personal life.

If the people who attacked Ben also attack the Huffington Post for wallowing in the details of what some nonentity says about Lindsey Graham’s personal life, then they can at least claim the virtue of being consistent. If not, then they are quite obviously hypocrites, and should be condemned at least as harshly as Ben was, nyet?

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