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by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 27, 2010


. . . I know saying so goes against standard blogger bromides about the “corrupt mainstream media” and its boundless capacity for evil, and I know it threatens Andrew’s view of himself as a lonely, embattled tribune and bulwark against the global menace of Palinism–I’m no fan either–but it must be said that for all its faults the media is doing a perfectly fine job of covering Palin and her sundry shortcomings, and has been since the day she flubbed her first interview. No, we haven’t uncovered the Trig stuff (we’re leaving that for Andrew). But basing one’s terrified fantasies of a Palin presidency on the press suddenly swooning and giving her a free pass indicates either disingenuousness or an acute lack of imagination. Palin may run, and she may win, although as I’ve said, I doubt it very much. But to do so, she’ll have to give up an awful lot that she clearly enjoys and begin doing the things she doesn’t enjoy. And she’ll have to overcome an adversarial press corps.

Joshua Green on Sarah Palin and Andrew Sullivan, both of whom deserve one another.

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