Charlie Crist Wants To Be Rahm Emanuel's Bestest Buddy

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 30, 2010


I know that there are a great many people who believe that with Charlie Crist’s decision to run as an independent, there is a danger that the Republican vote will be split in the general election. Perhaps that will turn out to be the case, but in many ways, I would be less surprised if Crist’s independent run split the Democratic vote. After all, consider whom Crist reaches out to, when seeking political allies:

. . . Charlie Crist, soon to be independent Senate candidate from Florida, tried to reach White House chief of staff Emanuel through intermediates. . . .

The White House refused to reciprocate Crist’s overtures, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a big difference between Crist and Marco Rubio. After all, Rubio is not likely to try to court the Obama Administration with a rendition of “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”.

  • spo1

    Marco Rubio, huh?
    Ok, so I’m supposed to put my faith and trust in the voters of Florida. The morons that gave us the Bush/Cheney DISASTER! Thanks for nothing.

    COME ON, are you right-wing wackos #*~/‘n INSANE? Am I missing something here? Didn’t Republicans/Conservatives just have 8 YEARS of Bush/Cheney and Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) to put their warped ideology into practice? AND IT ALMOST DESTROYED THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH!

    Waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, reckless economics, welfare for the rich, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions…. The WORST looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND!

    Where was the Tea Party anger THEN? #*~/ ignorant hypocrites.

    National Alliance on Mental Illness
    Of course Americans already KNOW Republicans have a problem with ethics, responsibility, accountability… BUT I feel LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES are the REAL topic here. Just LISTEN to Mitch McConnell or John Boehner…

    Republicans seem to be suffering from SEVERE superiority complexes, odd paranoia, guilt and identity issues.

    At first I thought all these pretty-boy Scott Brown, Bob McDonnell, Marco Rubio types were getting elected because frustrated Republican women were voting for them. They thought their men were constipated/impotent but as it turns out these poor sex starved women weren’t getting any because
    Republican Men are all as GAY as Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Glenn Beck and Ted Haggard… and enthusiastically VOTE for the pretty boys too!

    The Male Model industry has a great future in Republican Party politics… lol GOP – Gay Old Party
    VOTE for Democrats, it’s actually GOOD for the USA…

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