Who's In? Who's Out? Who Cares?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 8, 2010


At this point, it really doesn’t matter whether Rahm Emanuel will go, or David Axelrod, or Valerie Jarrett, or Robert Gibbs, or some combination of the four. What really matters is the fact that “No Drama Obama” is now anything but.

This really isn’t that much of a surprise; as the story by Mike Allen indicates, all White Houses go through palace intrigues of one sort or another. But Team Obama promised us something different–the politics of Hope and Change where the Hopers and Changers would keep a level head about things throughout. It was an unrealistic promise from the beginning, seeing as how human beings have an uncanny knack for behaving like . . . well . . . human beings. And now, the lack of realism attendant to the promise has been fully revealed for all.

Team Obama is not a cadre of political superfolks. They are ordinary people susceptible to ordinary weaknesses. Barack Obama is not the Messiah. He is just another politician. The scales have fallen from the eyes, the bloom is off the rose, name your metaphor. Having been revealed as being staffed by mortals, the Obama White House is now significantly less intimidating than it once was, as far as its political opponents are concerned. And that makes the White House more susceptible to being beaten in legislative fights, in the 2010 midterm elections, and in 2012.

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