Sean Penn Would Approve

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 14, 2010


Maybe now, we can jail Internet surfers:

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, who is criticized by media freedom groups, called on Saturday for regulation of the Internet and singled out a website that he said falsely reported the murder of one of his ministers.

“The Internet cannot be something open where anything is said and done. Every country has to apply its own rules and norms,” Chavez said. He cited German Chancellor Angel Merkel as having expressed a similar sentiment recently.

Of course, merely because Angela Merkel might have said such a thing–emphasis on the word “might”–does not justify Chavez’s position. And it doesn’t take much to figure out that Chavez wants to curb any and all opposition on the Internet; he has no interest whatsoever in simply making the Internet a more factual forum.

The Penn reference is explained here. As long as I live, I will never understand why some in Hollywood are besotted with brutal and vicious dictators.

  • nicolasOS

    Amen! Great article, short, simple, TRUE

  • nicolasOS

    Amen! Great article, short, simple, TRUE

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