Philosophy Quotes Of The Year (2009 Edition)

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 6, 2010


As compiled by the Philosophers’ Magazine. A few of my favorites from the bunch:

“Philosophy, you understand, is a very pharmacopoeia of cures that are worse than the corresponding diseases.”

“Facts are stubborn. Not all problems can be resolved by intelligent compromise; some are not soluble at all. It is part of the literature of fact to recognise this feature of life.”

“Conventional wisdom contends that the current recession was caused by the free-market zealotry of recent economic policy and by excessively low interest rates. It is an absurd view, given that interest rates are not determined by market forces.”

“Many of us would like to believe that intellect banishes prejudice. Sadly, this is itself a prejudice.”

“Philosophy has no equations, predictions, or conclusive confirmations – that is precisely why some of us become philosophers in the first place.”

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