Obama Overhyped

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 3, 2010


I am late to this, but while the President is certainly a smart man, perhaps hosannas to his intelligence ought to be tempered by the fact that his current health care reform stance is in many ways diametrically opposed to the stance that he took during the election campaign, and that one of the anecdotes he used to advance his current arguments concerning health care reform revealed a less-than-intelligent side to the President.

No one, of course, will confuse Joe Klein for a smart man. He thinks that the President prevailed in the health care summit last week because of the type of coverage that Klein says he found on the Drudge Report. Klein admits that he completely missed the summit, which means, I guess that he missed this, and this. A whole bunch of people saw Paul Ryan deliver a rhetorical beatdown to the President and the Democrats, and saw the Republicans more than hold their own in the health care summit. If Klein had actually done his homework and checked in on the summit, he would have seen these things too, and would have written a more informed post as a consequence. Pity he decided on the “ignorance is bliss” route, before publishing his post.

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