Evidence That Russia Is Circling The Drain

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 5, 2010


When Stalin-worship returns with a vengeance, you know that things are not looking up:

Russian communists paid homage on Friday to Soviet leader Josef Stalin, while liberals accused the Kremlin of conniving to whitewash the dictator.

Communist Party chiefs led a procession of largely elderly people across Red Square on the 57th anniversary of Stalin’s death, laying flowers at his grave by the Kremlin wall.

The solemn visit is an annual tradition for communists steeped in nostalgia for the Soviet era. But this year, it comes as Russia’s bitter debate over Stalin’s legacy sharpens ahead of May 9 celebrations marking 65 years since the Nazi defeat.

For the first time in decades, Stalin’s image may appear among the banners and posters that Moscow authorities put up for Victory Day, which will draw foreign leaders to Moscow as guests of the government.

City plans to set up 10 information stands describing Stalin’s role in the war have deepened animus between Russians who loathe him and their compatriots who love him.

“Today … the greatness of Stalin’s era is self-evident even to his most furious haters,” Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov said after laying flowers at Stalin’s grave.

“We liberated the whole world, … we built a nuclear shield, we were the first to fly into space, and we created this (nuclear) parity that ensured stable peace for nearly 50 years.”

Clearly, some people need to read Kolakowski. Or receive some kind of education; no historically literate individual could possibly endorse this newfound appreciation of one of the worst and most vicious dictators of all time.

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