Is The Senate In Play For Republicans?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 3, 2010


Thanks to the decision made by Republicans in my home state to nominate the very popular Rep. Mark Kirk as the GOP candidate for the United States Senate, and thanks to the decision made by Democrats to nominate the scandal-ridden and callow Alexi Giannoulias, the path towards achieving a Republican majority does not seem as difficult as it once did. With turnout numbers favoring Republicans, the Illinois Republican party can certainly consider the Senate seat in play, and should put forth a strong effort towards claiming it. Additionally, Dan Coats’s decision to try to come back to the Senate by taking on Evan Bayh in Indiana will be very helpful in the Republican effort to reclaim the Senate. Races in Delaware, North Dakota, Arkansas, Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, and Connecticut also present opportunities for Republicans, as Chris Cillizza points out. Some of these are better shots than others, but the fact that so many shots exist says something positive about Republican electoral fortunes. Whether or not they capture the Senate, Republicans are poised to make significant gains. Democrats would be well advised to take notice of this, and of the country’s mood in general, and adjust their policies accordingly.

UPDATE: Yeah, turnout numbers are not looking good for the Democrats.

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