I Think That It Would Be Awesome If The Government Ran Health Care

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 16, 2010


Who wouldn’t want to experience this delightful display of competence, the next time they go to a hospital?

The Census Bureau wasted millions of dollars in preparation for its 2010 population count, including thousands of temporary employees who picked up $300 checks without performing work and others who overbilled for travel costs.

Federal investigators caution the excessive charges could multiply once the $15 billion headcount begins in earnest next month unless the agency imposes tighter spending controls, according to excerpts of a forthcoming audit obtained by The Associated Press.

On a positive note, investigators backed the Census Bureau’s decision to spend $133 million on its advertising campaign, saying it was appropriate to boost public awareness. The spending included a $2.5 million Super Bowl spot that some Republicans had criticized as wasteful.

I remember that commercial, and the derision that met it on Twitter when it was aired. I am sure that some people will defend the use of taxpayer funds to finance the commercial. Better them than me.

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