by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 18, 2010

You pretty much saw this kind of post coming, didn’t you? Fortunately, the commenters come down on Jonathan Capehart like a ton of bricks. As well they should; his is shoddy journalism.

More shoddy journalism chronicled here. It’s bad enough that this attack happened. It is worse still that in the aftermath, journalists with ideological agendas feel the need to frame it in a way that would satisfy those agendas, notwithstanding the actual facts.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, for someone who blogs at Mark Kleiman’s site, Jonathan Zasloff completely ignores the facts and engages in slime-and-smear. The commenters call him out, but I am sure that this makes no difference whatsoever to Zasloff, who regularly puts mindless partisanship over an adherence to truth; “Reality-Based Community” indeed. I would expect Kleiman, as the proprietor of the site, to try to clear things up, but from past experience, I know that this is expecting too much.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Add Matt Yglesias to the list of know-nothings on this issue. As with Zasloff, Yglesias’s own commenters take him to task for smearing without reading up on Joseph Stack. If Yglesias took the time to read Stack’s rant on the Internet, he would know that there is no way he could possibly connect it to Tea Partiers.

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