A Republican Senate: No Longer Just A Dream

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 16, 2010


With every passing day, it seems that Democratic prospects to maintain the Senate are further imperiled. Yesterday, we had Evan Bayh essentiall throw the Indiana Senate seat to Republicans . . . unless, of course, the political juggernaut that is Tamyra d’Ippolito is able to hold on to the seat for Democrats. Now, we have more indications that Senate Democrats are in big trouble.

In California, Barbara Boxer cannot break over 50% in her matchups with any of the Republicans vying for the GOP nomination. This is the second straight month that Boxer has proven unable to bust past the 50% barrier–which is a dangerous sign for any incumbent. And there is this:

One particularly ominous sign for the incumbent: One out of four California voters has a very favorable opinion of Boxer. But one out of three has a very unfavorable opinion.

David Catanase outlines the developments that would enhance the prospects of a GOP takeover of the Senate. Any one of those developments is plausible, and it’s not as though the GOP would have to draw an inside straight for all of them to happen. I am sure that Republicans would be more than delighted if Blanche Lincoln chose to remain standing for re-election; if she does, Arkansas should be a very easy GOP pickup.

Again, usual caveats apply; it’s a long way until November, etc. But just about everything that could be going right for Republicans, in the quest to retake the Senate, is going right. Not bad for a party that was written off as dead a little over a year ago.

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