Shorter Frank Rich

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 31, 2010


“I liked President Obama’s State of the Union Address, because he misrepresented the ruling in Citizens United, and got Justice Alito to shake his head in disapproval in public, which I will call a ‘you lie snit’ in a little misrepresentation of my own. Republicans are not patriots–never mind that back in the day, people like me liked to accuse George W. Bush and Republicans of falsely impugning the patriotism of others, and never mind that I never have, and never will sacrifice for my country the way the supposedly ‘unpatriotic’ John McCain did. I think that President Obama ought to continue blaming Republicans for anything and everything that goes wrong, no matter how far into his Presidency he is.”

Of course, Rich is quite wrong in his characterization of Citizens United, and if the New York Times has any integrity left to it, it will issue a correction for the errors Rich made, In addition, the ombudsperson for the Times ought to reprimand Rich for getting his facts wrong, and for his excellent imitation of Joe McCarthy. His editorial is just the latest embarrassment in Rich’s undistinguished oeuvre.

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