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by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 14, 2010


Democrats will wrap negotiations and pass the bill before [Scott Brown] gets [to the Senate]. It will take some time before Massachusetts certifies Brown’s election, and then the Senate has to schedule his swearing-in. It also looks like those dates can be monkeyed with a bit. Given that there’s not much left to be done on the health-care bill, Democrats can move pretty fast on this if they suddenly need to do so.

Ezra Klein, engaging in thinly-disguised advocacy for the proposition that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ought to “monkey around” in the event of a Scott Brown win, and delay the certification of his election, so that health care reform can pass in the Senate.

I’ll be that Klein doesn’t even remotely realize how unethical and anti-democratic this not-even-sub-rosa call for cheating sounds to sensible people.

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