"Obamacare Under Fire From Medical Community"

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 20, 2010


While I am publicizing my articles, here is my latest from the Heartland Institute:

The White House and Congressional Democrats give every sign of being confident health care reform is a done deal if they are able to hold on to a sixty-vote majority in Massachusetts, but emerging splits in the medical community over the shape of any compromise legislation may yet prevent the final passage of the legislation.

The conventional wisdom says health care reform is unstoppable. But as the House and Senate dispute issues such as the public option and abortion, what previously seemed unthinkable to congressional Democrats and the Obama administration—irreconcilable differences sinking the bill—seems increasingly possible.

If the legislation that comes out of the House-Senate conference committee offends enough voting blocs in Congress to make final passage questionable in the House and Senate, the position of the physician community would be key.

You can read the whole thing, though in truth, the Senate race in Massachusetts may have made the issue moot.

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