Barack Obama Is Not A Popular President . . .

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 27, 2010


And the Democrats are not a popular political party.

There will doubtless be a great deal of commentary concerning how the President can turn around his political fortunes this evening, with his State of the Union address. However, this State of the Union is going to be much like other State of the Union addresses. After its delivery, there will be an uptick–perhaps even a significant one–in the President’s popularity, and then, the numbers will settle back to what they are now. That is precisely what happened after the President’s address to Congress last September on health care reform. I see no factors that would prevent the same thing from happening with tonight’s address.

Michael Barone piles on the devastation:

. . . I have not seen a party’s fortunes collapse so suddenly since Richard Nixon got caught up in the Watergate scandal and a president who carried 49 states was threatened with impeachment and removal from office.

That’s pretty much “Quote Of The Day” material, right there.

UPDATE: Okay, if President Obama gives this speech, I will hereby declare all previous political prognostications to be null and void.

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