Summing Up The Jobs Summit

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 3, 2009


Evan Newmark has seen the script for how the jobs summit will go. Concerning what we should expect, he is pretty much on the money:

Obamanomics — the White House’s jumble of industrial policy, massive deficit spending and tax hikes — isn’t working.

There are now 15.7 million Americans without jobs. And a big White House conference on jobs is nothing more than a soft distraction from those hard facts.

Now, I’ve never been to a White House summit, so I can’t say exactly what will happen on Thursday. But as a past Davos World Economic Forum participant, I’m pretty familiar with these kinds of VIP schmooze and snoozefests.

And here’s how it will likely play out. A senior White House official — perhaps the president — will give a welcome pep talk to the 130 gathered “summiteers.” He’ll ply them with thanks and stirring patriotic words.

But then he’ll urge them to not waste the day in conference fuzzy talk. Instead, the summiteers should turn words into actions and actions into jobs. After all, it is a “jobs” summit.

And then the summiteers will shuffle off to one of six working groups — where of course they’ll end up wasting the day in conference fuzzy talk.

Change We Can Believe In.

UPDATE: More from friend, comrade, and eventual cellmate in the re-education camps, Jane Van Ryan. Apparently, it is great to create more jobs, but we don’t want to create them in the oil and/or natural gas industries. With unemployment over 10%, one would think that when it comes to the creation of jobs, beggars cannot be choosers about what jobs are created, but someone has to explain that to the Obama Administration.

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