No Fundraiser For Harry Reid

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 11, 2009


Although it was earlier reported that Reid would forgo a weekend Senate session in order to attend a fundraiser for his upcoming 2010 campaign in Nevada, it appears that the fundraiser is actually being called off. Seems that Reid got pretty upset when Republicans embarrassed him by pointing out the fact that he was thinking of going to a fundraiser instead of attending to Senate business as the Majority Leader.

It is clear from this and other instances that Republicans will continue to take the fight to Reid as many times as possible. They clearly don’t like him, and want to see him lose in 2010. Given all of Reid’s intemperate statements in the past about Republicans–this one is the latest, as readers will recall–he should not be surprised in the least at the level of dislike he has generated.

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