Movie Review–"Avatar"

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 28, 2009


JPod and Drezner are justly snarky concerning the vast amounts of stupid contained in this movie, so this review is outsourced to them. I suppose I should add that I find it hysterical that (a) someone felt that the 1,642,859th movie based on the concept of the noble savage really needed to be made; (2) “shock and awe” and daisycutters should still be part of the lingo in 2154 (what, did the military not develop stronger ordnance since the beginnings of the 21st Century?); and (3) traitors to the Na’vi can get back on the Na’vi’s good side–and win back the girl!–by coming back to town on a kick-a** ride.

“King of the world”? Feh.

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