Groupthink In Bolivia

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 6, 2009


Evo Morales may be the poor man’s Hugo Chavez, but this article helps demonstrate why he is so bad for the people and prospects of Bolivia:

Mr. Morales’s imprint on society is evident in the town of Warisata, where another experiment, the Indigenous University Túpac Katari, unfolds among the nation’s high plains.

The campus, with its stunning view of the snow-capped peak Illampu, emphasizes instruction in Aymara and echoes the sentiments of Mr. Morales’s party, the Movement Toward Socialism. Posted on a door, a note says that it is compulsory for academic and administrative staff members to attend a crash course on “Capital” by Karl Marx; sanctions loom if they do not attend.

“What was brought by the European invasion and the colonial system?” asked David Quispe, 37, who teaches a course on the Andean worldview.

“The capitalist and racist exploitation!” a group of students answers in unison, grasping their textbook, “Indian Thesis” by Fausto Reinaga.

It is, of course, a common trait of authoritarian and totalitarian societies to indoctrinate their young. Morales is following a well-established pattern in this regard. Between the effort to turn his entire country into a cult, and his willingness to cooperate with Hugo Chavez in the latter’s efforts to destabilize the region, those who genuinely care about the future of Latin America have a lot to be worried about.

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