Don't Celebrate Just Yet

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 24, 2009


Health care “reform” may look to be unstoppable after the Senate vote on the Reid bill, but there remains the possibility that it will be impossible to come out of a conference committee hearing with a bill that can be accepted on both the House and the Senate side. After all, if the chair of the House Rules Committee is upset about the Senate bill, and its ability to influence the status of a conference committee bill, then it should be expected that others in the House and Senate will be similarly displeased. Their displeasure may well be enough to kill the bill. [UPDATE: All of this assumes, of course, that we will be able to have a geunine conference committee process. I'd hate to think that we wouldn't, and that we will somehow circumvent the Constitutional structure just so that Democrats can pass a health care reform bill, but . . . well . . . read this.]

Perhaps the calls of “history,” and “win one for Teddy” will be enough to overcome these objections. For the sake of policymaking in the field of health care, however, one should hope otherwise.

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