It's Not As Though I Have Forgotten To Write About The Bears . . .

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 23, 2009

But readers will notice that I haven’t mentioned them in this space for some time. The reason is that the Bears suck.

I wish that I could put matters more poetically, but there you are. The coaching is bad on both sides of the ball; on offense, we rely too much on Jay Cutler, and on defense, the Bears seem lost. Cutler himself appears to be suffering a major crisis of confidence. The Bears cannot reliably score in the red zone. Indeed, to call the Bears “unreliable” in the red zone would be to understate matters. Perfectly winnable games are being given away in wrenching fashion.

Barack Obama is bound and determined to create and save jobs. I would, however, urge him to call for the creation of coaching vacancies, and to consider the possibility that we Bears fans might be better off if Lovie Smith’s and Ron Turner’s jobs were not saved.

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