How Will We Know If The Obama Administration Is Serious About Winning In Afghanistan?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 26, 2009

Peter Feaver tells us how the President can show that he is “embrac[ing] his inner commander in chief.” I am going to wait for the Presidential announcement–which rumor has it, will call for something on the order of 34,000 more troops over a two year period–before I render anything resembling a final judgment. But let’s just say that I have a really hard time imagining this Administration doing what Feaver hopes they will do. I am all for pleasant surprises, but if the President really directs his team to have Cabinet secretaries take the lead on selling the war, instead of putting the military on the hook for the public relations aspect of the conflict, starts actually saying nice things about Republicans in general and President Bush in particular, and defines success and victory and asks for nothing less, then I might just faint.

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