The New Governing Coalition In Germany

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 3, 2009

Michael Moynihan gives us an overview in light of the recent German elections that allowed Angela Merkel and the Christian Democrats to give the Social Democrats the boot, and ally themselves in a right-of-center government with the significantly more libertarian Free Democrats. Quite hilariously, as Moynihan reports, there are plenty of left-of-center bloggers here in the United States who seem to think that the Christian Democrat/Free Democrat triumph in Germany is no big deal, because the German right is not as far to the right as its American counterpart. But as Moynihan points out, the new coalition is about to set out on a political agenda that would have impressed Ronald Reagan, and would make Margaret Thatcher proud. That agenda includes tax cuts, more flexible rules helping employers in hiring and firing, a revamping of the welfare state, and greater market competition, all premised on the belief that “there is no such thing as democratic socialism; it’s like talking about a vegetarian abattoir.”

All this despite the supposed “liberal moment” that was allegedly going to sweep through the Western world, and get rid of things like the “Anglo-Saxon” economic model, in the aftermath of last year’s economic crisis. Just another indication that there are no final victories or defeats in politics, and that the center-right has a great deal going for it throughout the Western world, prophecies of political doom notwithstanding. Republicans in the United States should take note, and take heart.

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