Tall Tales

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 19, 2009

Hillary Clinton’s exaggerations are no longer surprising, given her comment during the campaign that as First Lady, she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire. Nevertheless, there is something bizarre, and almost pitiful, about her fish stories, and her suggestions that she faced great danger in the past during her travels. She is the Secretary of State now, and if she is to be believed (yes, I know that it is difficult to take the word of anyone with the surname “Clinton”), she will not run for President again. So what is the point of making claims that her hotel in Northern Ireland was bombed by the Provisional IRA when she stayed there in 1995?

It is more than a little embarrassing that this kind of nonsense is still going on, and it detracts from the dignity the Secretary of State needs to project in order to be effective at her job. Would it be too much for someone in the Obama Administration to tell Hillary Clinton that the campaign is over, and that she doesn’t have to do this kind of thing anymore?

Then again, that would entail someone in the Obama Administration stating that the campaign is over. And as we know, for the Obama Administration, the campaign is never over. Getting Secretary Clinton to forbear on her tall tales may be more difficult than I initially thought.

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