Human Rights Abuses Continue In Iran

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 11, 2009

To wit:

Three people arrested after Iran’s disputed presidential election have been condemned to death despite a global outcry over trials of people who claimed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election was rigged.

“Three people who were accused (for their role) in the post-election incidents have been sentenced to death,” said Zahed Bashiri Rad, media officer at the justice ministry, quoted by ISNA news agency on Saturday.

Bashiri Rad, giving only the initials of the convicts said that “MZ and AP were convicted for ties with the Kingdom Assembly of Iran and NA for ties with the Monafeghin (exiled opposition group commonly known as the People’s Mujahedeen).”

Massive street protests broke out in Iran following Ahmadinejad’s re-election.

About 4,000 people were arrested, and 140 of them, including senior reformers and journalists, have been put on trial for seeking a “soft” overthrow of the regime and for inciting protests.

On Thursday, a reformist website reported that a member of a group seeking to restore Iran’s monarchy has been sentenced to death for his involvement in the unrest, identifying him as Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani.

Judiciary officials were not available to confirm if he was the “MZ” mentioned by ISNA on Saturday.

Supposedly, keeping quiet about the regime’s violations of human and political rights was supposed to make things better in Iran. That’s what the Obama Administration said anyway, in response to those who called for a more indignant American reply to the regime’s depredations.

How did that plan work out?

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