by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 2, 2009

So, despite my optimism, Chicago did not get the Olympics after all. And the Super Jock/Nerd could not help. The decision, I guess, packed something of a wallop amongst commentators:

(Via Hot Air.)

I suppose that it is easy to pile on concerning the political implications of Barack Obama’s lack of global pull, but mostly, I am just disappointed. True, the Olympics could have been a mixed blessing for Chicago–and unlike the residents of Rio, Chicagoans were very good at emphasizing the “mixed” part of the phrase “mixed blessing”–but it was also possible for the Olympics to work out quite well for the city, in terms of jobs, improvements in infrastructure, and the inculcation of civic pride. At the end of the day, unfortunately, everyone associated with Chicago’s Olympic bid decided to emphasize emotion over details on how Chicago could serve as a good host for the Games. The city paid the price with its bid.

I suppose the only upside of this entire affair is that it might serve as a reminder for the Obama Administration that image isn’t everything, and substance counts. We’ll see if the Administration takes the hint on that issue.

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