The Supposedly Dead GOP . . .

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 24, 2009

It’s not as dead as many thought:

Despite being in the minority in Congress, Republican campaign committees outraised Democrats by $1.7 million in August as they have aggressively collected political cash amid the rancorous debate over health care.

Republicans also held an edge over Democrats in the amount of money available, when counting debts, as both parties set the stage for the 2010 elections, in which more than three dozen competitive House and Senate seats are at stake.

The GOP spike is a departure. In each of the past four years, the party in power — whether Democrat or Republican — raised more than the minority’s fundraising committees in August, a USA TODAY review of campaign records shows.

“Republicans have been able to tap into some of the anger against Democrats in power and translate that into fundraising,” said Nathan Gonzales of The Rothenberg Political Report. “There are a lot of Republicans who wish the election were this November, not November 2010, because they feel like the momentum is on their side now.”

Not bad for a supposedly soon-to-be-extinct party. Of course, this was to be expected; there are no final victories or defeats in politics, which means that there is a predictable ebb and flow when it comes to political fortunes. But this fact was ignored by a whole host of people who–in some cases gleefully–predicted the demise of the Republican party. I wonder what those people must be thinking now.

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