Run, David! Run!

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 20, 2009

I can certainly appreciate the Obama Administration’s desire to push David Paterson out of the way as the 2010 elections approach. Paterson would make for an incredibly weak candidate in the New York gubernatorial race, despite the fact that he is the incumbent. After having initially won respect and affection from other politicians in Albany–and from the populace at large–by presenting a more appealing public image than that which was presented by Client No. 9 Eliot Spitzer, his predecessor, Paterson has now fallen on hard political times, and his political team looks to be as ham-fisted in their operations as Spitzer’s was.

So the Obama Administration is after Paterson to step aside in favor of New York attorney-general Andrew Cuomo. Problem is, Paterson ain’t having any of that. Blue-on-blue political warfare is likely to develop as a consequence, which would give Republicans a reason to pop popcorn, and enjoy the show.

Especially hysterical in this entire story is the entry of Al Sharpton as an intermediary between the governor and Team Obama. I guess Sharpton figures that the first thing an intra-party fight needs is a carnival barking showman whose lust for the spotlight overwhelms any ambition whatsoever to be a responsible statesman.

In any event . . . well . . . what the title says. Political soap operas with more than a little bit of comedy added to them are most welcome, especially when they can help Republicans take back the state house in Albany, and affect redistricting as a consequence.

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