Is Dick Cheney President?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 4, 2009

Just wondering:

The Obama administration says it will release names of most visitors to the White House, starting at the end of this year. Information on visitors in the first eight months of his administration will remain secret — though officials say they will consider narrow and specific requests.

The White House called the release of information “voluntary,” continuing to argue the Bush administration’s position that full disclosure is not required by the Freedom of Information Act.

After being sued twice by a nonprofit organization seeking the records, the Obama administration said Friday it will post the visitor logs online.

I await port-side complaints about the “Imperial Presidency,” which, of course, will never be issued. No amount of Internet archives, it seems, can do anything about preempting hypocrisy–either at the White House, or in the punditocracy.

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