Tracking Events In Iran

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 9, 2009

The show trials proceed apace, and are being covered by a whole host of news outlets; thankfully, the news media appears to be sparing no effort to make clear to all the extent to which human rights are being violated in Iran. Reuters (see also this), al-Arabiya, the BBC, Sky News, and the New York Times are all on the case.

Notice that many of the stories carry condemnations of the show trials that emanate from both the British and American governments. This is reassuring to see. But recall that at the beginning of the uprisings in Iran, there were people who said with a straight face that if the Obama Administration were to speak out against the practice of stealing the populace’s vote and bashing the heads of individual members of the populace, things would somehow get worse in Iran.

Subsequent events have, of course, shown this argument to be laughable. Why it was believed in the first place is beyond me.

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