This Is How A Democracy Acts?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 3, 2009

Hugo Chavez endorses this kind of behavior:

Armed protestors stormed the Caracas headquarters of a television station critical of Hugo Chavez’s government, one of the channel’s managers said.

Globovision’s Maria Fernanda Flores said around 30 people arrived at the outlet’s headquarters by car and aimed guns at security staff, forcing their way into the building — where they activated two teargas canisters.

One municipal policeman, charged with guarding the building, and some private guards were hurt during the attack, the station said.

“We cannot tolerate that violence would be an instrument though which we resolve our differences,” Flores said.

Station manager Alberto Federico Ravell said he held Chavez responsible for the attack.

And well he should. There should be no doubt but that Hugo Chavez endorses this kind of behavior.

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