The Pro-Government Monomania Of Paul Krugman

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 12, 2009

paul-krugman-and-the-not-dead-catMy latest article for the New Ledger is up, and addresses Paul Krugman’s most recent op-ed:

No right-of-center pundit should spend his or her time responding to everything that Paul Krugman has ever written or ever will write. Indeed, no right-of-center pundit should even spend time replying to most things that Paul Krugman writes. But his latest editorial for the New York Times calls for a reply, seeing as how it is a one-piece chrestomathy encapsulating the main talking point Krugman spends his waking hours propagating.

That talking point being as follows: Big Government, as Peter Griffin might put it, is Freaking Sweet.

It’s really not, though.

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