Naomi Klein: Shock Doctrinaire

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 21, 2009


She truly is amazing. Her book was a tapestry of lies, a masterpiece of obfuscation, a tour de force of shoddy and misleading scholarship. It got ripped to shreds by critics (see some of the links found in the Reason post for references to critical treatment of Klein’s book), she responded (if the term can actually be used) horribly to the criticism, and now, she shows that she is as much of a fan of the supposed “shock doctrine” as she accused Milton Friedman of being.

If Naomi Klein grows a third foot, it will be only because she has already shot herself in her first two feet, and needs a new target. Which she will duly shoot after getting it out of her mouth, of course.

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