The Missing Point In Andrew Sullivan's Post

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 28, 2009

He is right to point out that Joe Biden has been less-than-diplomatic recently. He is right to criticize Biden for the latter’s “diarrhea of the mouth.” He is right to note the following:

The sad truth is: Biden cannot shut up. But his job as veep requires him to shut up. Dan is right: on the merits, Biden isn’t wrong here. Just completely unprofessional and unable to maintain the discipline to perform his job without constantly undermining his boss. I’d say someone needs to tell him to shut up. But it hasn’t worked for the last thirty years of his bloviation. So why would it work now?

Just one point is missing from Andrew Sullivan’s post regarding Joe Biden.

Here it is . . .

Who, pray tell, nominated Joe Biden for Vice President of the United States?

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