Saving Iran

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 3, 2009


Then the keeper of the flock came before Rustem and said-

“O youth puissant and tall, take not, I counsel thee, the horse of another.”

And Rustem answered him and asked, “To whom then pertaineth this steed? I see no mark upon its flanks.”

And the keeper said, “We know not its master, but rumours are rife anent it throughout the land, and men name it the Rakush of Rustem. And I warn thee, the mother will never permit thee to ride on it. Three years has it been ready for the saddle, but none would she suffer to mount thereon.”

Then Rustem, when he heard these words, swung himself upon the colt with a great bound. And the mare, when she saw it, ran at him and would have pulled him down, but when she had heard his voice she suffered it. And the rose-coloured steed bore Rustem along the plains like unto the wind. Then when he was returned, the son of Zal spake and said to the keeper-

“I pray thee, tell unto me what is the price of this dragon?”

But the keeper replied, “If thou be Rustem, mount him, and retrieve the sorrows of Iran. For his price is the land of Iran, and seated upon him thou wilt save the world.”

–Ferdowsi, Shahnameh.

“Freedom, Glory Be Our Name.”

(Via Raye Man Kojast.)

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