Nice To See How Social Security Spends Our Money

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 16, 2009

Behold. Nice to see that casino trips were in the offing as well.

I know that Social Security and everything about it are sacrosanct as far as the Obama Administration and the Congressional majority are concerned, and that if ever a discouraging word were mentioned by Republicans concerning the program, the Obama Administration and the Congressional majority would accuse Republicans of wanting to make poor people eat cat food. But really, there should be hearings regarding this issue. What’s more, the people who staff the hearings should at least pretend to be as outraged about the expenses Social Security engaged in as they were when they found out that automobile executives were flying on private jets to Washington in order to testify so that during their flights, they could do work, participate in conference calls, and ensure as a consequence that their shareholders got their money’s worth in paying those executives the salaries and bonuses they commanded.

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