Master Of The Court

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 1, 2009

When Warren Burger was Chief Justice, efforts to make the Burger Court conservative were often foiled by Justice William Brennan, who–in addition to being a committed liberal jurist–was a master strategist who oftentimes pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat. Even when Justice Brennan couldn’t win, he was brilliant at mitigating the effects of a loss.

Now, the Court has a new master strategist: Chief Justice John Roberts. I guess that it wasn’t enough for the Chief to show that he is a legal whiz with a disarming personality. In short order, he has learned to be the best politician on the Court, helping him to heavily influence decision-making there.

I guess I can now understand why there was some opposition to the Chief when he was nominated. Those who opposed him thought the Chief far too talented to endure at the Court. And with good reason, as it turns out. If only we could master cloning technology to issue out some 2.0 versions of John Roberts who can then run for political office. Assuming that their philosophical orientation is the same as John Roberts Prime, the GOP can come back from the dead in short order.

Surely, it will be necessary for a 2.0 version to take up residence in Minnesota.

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