Credit Where It Is Due

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 14, 2009

While I certainly have some strong disagreements with the policies promulgated by the President of the United States, I am determined to find common ground with him whenever and wherever I can.

So I am pleased and delighted to note that the President preached the virtues of limiting government’s take from the private sector in a speech given during his recent speech to Ghana. Good for him! His words are true, and the sentiment behind them deserves to be celebrated.

Now, as Daniel Mitchell points out, to show the President that practicing what he preaches ought to mean a change in the tax policies he proposes. I know that may take some doing, but as Barack Obama now appears to be open to the idea that the state’s reach ought to be curtailed, I am more confident than I was in the past that he will come around to accept the virtues of smaller government, and lower taxes.

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