Can We Craft A Better Health Care Bill?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 17, 2009

If we can, and we do, we may well have the CBO to thank. From my latest New Ledger column:

I cannot remember where I read it, alas, but some news story, some months ago, pointed out that in anticipation of health care reform, the former Director of the Congressional Budget Office–and the current Director of the Office of Management and Budget–Peter Orszag, increased the hiring of staff economists well versed in the fiscal and economic consequences of any changes in the health care system. With these new hires, Orszag hoped that CBO would be well-prepared to turn out quick and accurate estimates of any health reform legislation.

One imagines that while the current CBO Director, Doug Elmendorf, is happy about these hires, OMB Director Orszag regrets them. Why? Because CBO issued a fairly blistering report concerning the ability of the current health care reform plans to save money and control health care costs for the long term.

Read it all.

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